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My best friend who was my world

Oh my little KC Girl how mommy misses you so much. You had to leave way to early, I was not even close to letting you go. You were only 5 years old and so full of love and life, but 2 days before you passed, mommy knew things would never be the same. The choice I made to lay you to rest, was for you my closet friend. No one will ever take your place within my heart, for you stole it completely from the start. It killed me to watch you suffer in pain, I held you for as long as I could. The doctor told me there was nothing they could do, and I saw your little eyes look up at me, as they were saying mom it's okay to say goodbye.

It's almost 2 days since we said goodbye, I sleep holding onto your blanket as it still has your scent. What I wouldn't give just to play tug a war with you one more time. I picked up all your toys and I am keeping them safe for you. I know how you never wanted anyone else to play with them. Each step I take or move I make, I still look for you. My little munchkins why did this have to happen to you...It is just not fair...We should have had so many years left together. This saying is from your blanket

Someone to comfort and dry up your tears
Someone to be there, to quiet your fears,
I companion, a pal, a very best friend,
Someone to trust, and to love til the end.

There will never be an end in my heart for you little girl, I will love you forever and miss you each and everyday.

Be safe my little girl, breathe free and play, I know that Taco and Squiggy were waiting for you that very sad day.