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September 15, 2007
Missed By: Cindy,Kevin,Shannon,Stephanie,Jake

A letter to Keisha

Dear Keisha,

Going to the veterinary hospital was so hard. We knew this would most likely be your last car ride. I held you in the back seat wrapped in a green blanket. You had been sick for so long and we knew that it wasn't fair to live unhappily and it really was time. The love we have for you is unconditional. Keisha, I had you since I was 2 and you have always been with me. Jake grew up with you and is so lonely without you. You were so stubborn but we always thought it was so cute. Keisha, home isn't the same without you. Its so weird that it's only Jake around the house. We miss you everyday and love you forever. Keisha, I hope Rainbow Bridge is beautiful. I hope you get to see Sandy and Rob because I'm sure they missed you. And most of all, Keisha, I hope your happy and pain free because if that is true, then I am so happy for you. Mommy, daddy, Stephanie, Jake, and me love you and miss you and will never forget you. Rest peacefully. <3