Online Memorials


2012 - 2023

Keller passed over the rainbow bridge on November 11, 2023. He was a young 11 years and 8 months old, even though he was a senior dog he still had the puppy energy that would shine through in various occasions. Keller is survived by his mothers, Sheryl and Michelle, and feline sister, Opal. He will be missed tremendously as he brought the whole house to life with his energy.

Keller, also known as Kell, Yeller, and Bubbaloo, was best known for a lot of things. His love was unparalleled, he loved absolutely anyone who came into his life, his zoomies were at top speed, and loved being next and rubbing against his favorite tree. He loved the snow, prancing around, and being under his warm favorite llama blanket.

Although he was taken quickly from us, he enjoyed his last day by cuddling, eating cheeseburgers and ice cream, and seeing his most favorite people. It was a hard day, but to see him so happy was such a relief.

Keller, we will truly miss everything about you, there was never a bad moment with you. You taught us so much, and gave us some amazing love, laughter, and just overall good times. There is not a dog on this earth that is as special as you were.

Until We Meet in Heaven
By Kelly Roper
All good things
 Must come to an end,
And today I said goodbye
 To my very best friend.
The house will seem so still,
 Now that he's gone.
 There'll be no one to wake me up
 To go outside at dawn.
His bowls will sit there empty,
 But I'll leave them in their place.
 No more will water drip down
 From his thirsty, furry face.
There'll be no one to bark
 When the paper boy comes by. 
It's going to be one of those moments
 When I'm sure I'll want to cry.
But I know the day will come,
 When my tears will finally fade,
 And I'll focus on the good times,
 and all the fetch we played.
So until the day that we
 Can be together once again,
 I'll keep your memory alive
 'Til we meet in Heaven, my friend.