Online Memorials

King “Our MooCow”

2006 - 2019

King was the best dog anyone could ever hope for he was so handsome and goofy and loved to make everyone happy he had the kindest soul and he gave the best kisses I’ve ever gotten(even better then my husbands lol)and a true warrior and fought so hard to stay here with us making us smile and laugh right up until the end King had a one of a kind personality he loved everyone and he loveddd treats and food it really didn’t matter what kind he lovedddd it all he was so smart and new so Many tricks and he loved doing his tricks for his treats anyone whoever met king fell in love with him instantly and he left an everlasting impression on there hearts that lasts a lifetime he was the sweetest boy and everyone who met him would always say how sweet and handsome he was king had this funny but embarrassing howl he would do when ever he seen another dog or cat he would want to see them so bad he would howl so loudly he was the life of the party every we’re he went his name suited him perfectly KING he was and is the KING OF OUR HOUSE ALWAYS