Online Memorials


2009 - 2019

Today, September 9, 2019, our beloved Kiwi went to sleep and is waking up in heaven. Kiwi wasn't just any dog; she was part human-seriously. We loved each other, spoke to each other, just like two friends would. When she looked at me, I instantly knew what she wanted. I talked to her, and she knew exactly what I wanted or wanted her to do. She was my best friend, through the good and the bad. She was ALWAYS there.
What I will remember most about her is her love for me. It was unreal to me how this beautiful little girl could care so much about a human. I thought I was supposed to be taking care of her, but in fact, she was taking care of me. If I was sad, she comforted me. If I was happy, she celebrated with me. If I was scared, she protected me.
Words could never express what she meant to me or how I feel about her passing. Spending our final moments together is something that I will NEVER forget. She trusted me to take care of her, and she did until the end. She didn't know what was happening, but I did, and it was gut-wrenching. I know that it was the right thing to do, so why do I feel so terrible? She had so much life to live, but her heart couldn't keep up.
Kiwi, I love you with my whole heart and more. You will forever be in my heart. I found my soul mate in you!