Online Memorials

Kylie bear

2012 - 2023

Kylie - you have filled my life and heart with so much happiness and love. You’re the most beautiful girl in the whole world - supermodel bear. I miss you every second of the day. Your spinning, Krylie’ing, your cuddles and your kisses. I would do anything to kiss your little head and give you belly rubs one more time - belly of the bells.

There is some comfort knowing you are with your big sister Kama. Mommy & Daddy will be with you one day with a zillion kisses for you both - and stickas :)

Thank you for being the best girl - I don't know what I would have done without you and your "hugs" the last 8 months. Always the sweetest, most loving bear even when you didn't feel well. My little angel. Thank you for being such an amazing and caring big sister to Khloe. She is going to miss her big sis so much.

I love you more than you even know. You took a piece of mommy's heart with you.

Miss you forever and a day baby bear. xoxoxo