Online Memorials


2008 - 2020

Lady was the best friend and gift of life I could’ve ever had. It’s hard to see you go, but in reality, as much as you tried to hide it, you don’t have to suffer anymore. It was very hard to let you go, but it also gives a sigh of relief knowing you can be carefree and without aches and pains anymore of old age and without the suffering you may have hid. You’ve had a very spoiled life, with tons of land to explore and more love than imaginable.

I remember when we went to pick out a dog from the litter you were in. I was only 5 or so and I was the one who got to decide. You and your brothers, sisters and mother were all together and your father was outside the fenced area. I remember you were the one smart cookie out of the bunch who I watched squeeze your way through the fence and say hello to your father. That’s when I knew you were the one. (You were always so warm too that when I picked you up that first time, I thought you pee’d on me. That was quite funny looking back on it now.)

We brought you home, you were scared at first, but after you warmed up to your new home, you brought joy to everyone and you yourself was filled with joy and happiness that spread to everyone around.

I will miss when you laid against my leg at night, the dirt pits you dug to sleep in, and many more little things you used to do that I could just ramble on about. I’ll even miss when you would wake me up at the crack of dawn just to go outside.

I just hope you know how much joy and love you gave us over the years and how much love and joy we gave back to you.

We love you and miss you Lady, you’ll never be forgotten, but one day we’ll meet again and our lives can be whole again with endless amounts of love and joy.

❤️ Love you Lady, we miss you! ❤️