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May 14, 2012
Missed By: Becky
Lady ascended heaven today
She climbed the crystal way
She shivered in the starlight
While looking back in fright

A dog approached from afar
Whose fur shone like a star
Around Lady she wrapped her tail
And whispered softly Prevail

Your family grieves behind you
While you walk on ahead
They are thinking of you
And onward you must tread

They will always remember
And you will not forget
They are thinking of you
And you must go on yet

Time can seem brutal
I died when I was six
My family is thinking of me
And I dwell by the Styx

All must pass to death one day
They�ll climb the starry way
They�ll shiver in the starlight
While looking back in fright

And you will come from afar
Your fur shining like a star
Around them you�ll wrap your trail
And whisper softly Prevail

Someday that someone will be
Family or a friend
And then you�ll finally see
That all are reunited in the end

Written by Julie Lew

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