Online Memorials

Little D

2005 - 2020

Little D was loved deeply and by many. He was one of those cats that was easily able to win even the hearts of dog lovers with his playful and loving demeanor. Our sweet baby hams (as was one of his nicknames since he loved to be the center of attention and would give you gentle headbutts if you ceased your petting session too prematurely for his liking) was the gentlest soul to ever enter our lives. He was the epitome of a lap cat and loved to sleep in his mama's lap, especially on chilly winter nights.

He loved to share in your meals and some of his favorites were some nibble of bacon, croissant and tuna, but only the kind in the oil would due for this pampered little king.

After being diagnosed with cancer, his mama was told he would only live about 6 months, but this tough brave soul went on to live two more comfortable years filled with love and cuddles before finally losing his battle. His mama loved him fiercely and made sure his last days were as comfortable as they could be since he had given her 15 years of love and stayed at her side when she lost her mom. Little D will forever be in the hearts of those who loved him.