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November 02, 2008
Missed By: Nancy

My Mandy Moose 11/02/08 RIP

My sweet dog Mandy has passed today. She was such a great dog.

Oh my sweet little dog, how great you are.
The time is near and I knew it in my heart
but I did not know that it will be so soon.
I so badly do not want to let you go and I am not sure how I can let you go.

How can I walk outside where you used to play, so excited to show off to me all the laps you were able to do?
How can I forget you when I am constantly reminded of you by all the fur all over my clothes?
How can I look at the cookie box or whipped cream bottle and not think of how amazing you were?
...I wish I could have said my goodbye Mandy... :(
You were my gentle giant and you were loved more than anything,
Mandy will forever be remembered in my heart. I love you baby and will miss you terribly.
Love, The Oth-da Baby, JoJo