Online Memorials


2003 - 2017

Maple, Squirt, Jiggles

June 14 2017 she left us to join Zoe, Shawn, Keaton, Nub, Skippy and Maple.

Maple’s early years weren’t easy for her. At an early age this wonderful girl was thrown out the window of a moving vehicle by an irate boyfriend. She shattered her left leg and bones and had to have her leg amputated at the shoulder. Her assailant got off with no punishment. At least the woman who had her then, had some decency to get her treated at Angel. Maple learned to walk with her front left leg missing. She became quite agile and fast. Running around the yard and chasing Annie all over the place. Everyone who met Maple loved her. I used to take her for walks in her canine cart where she would sit up and prop herself out the open top window. People would come running out to see and greet her when I walked her in her cart. Her cart allowed her to explore the deep woods easily. Instead of walking her there and stressing her out, she got to ride in style and loved it. In the deep woods on the trails I would take her out on her leash so she could explore new sights and smells. When she was ready she would hop back in the cart and off we would go. Maple loved our koi pond – chasing the water out flow around and around and snapping and the bubbles. The water gave her great relief from her handicap and allowed her weightless exercise in the warm water. Maple always got her way. She would always do things her way. She loved pizza. Her favorite food of all time. She would go crazy at just the sight of the box.
She was always energetic and devoted to her adopted puppy Annie. They would spend hours grooming each other. And then fall asleep together.

On June 14th, 2017 Maple left on her terms. A few months earlier she slipped on the ice and injured her back. She would not recover enough to walk again. When the sad time came to help her leave and be free of pain, she closed her eyes and drifted away with out human intervention at the vet’s. When Maple left, Annie became severely depressed right away. Looking for her everywhere. Checking out Maple’s bed and blanket and staring at it endlessly. Hearts where once again broken at her passing. Maple was and will always be well loved and missed by us all. And we know that Zoe the family matriarch was there to greet her when she crossed over the rainbow bridge. And I know they all will be there waiting for me when my time has come to leave.