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December 26, 2009
Missed By: Ben
Mason 8/25/1998 - 12/26/2009

Today Mason passed on to his forever agility field. He can finally weave and jump and run, pain free, to his hearts content.

I rescued Mason when he was just 11 months old, and like most rescue�s he rescued me right back. He saw me through many of the tough times and best times in my life, and he is the reason my life is what it is today.

Over the years we competed in several venues, at different levels, and with varying success. But that is not what I want to remember about Mason. More than any of the other dogs I have ever competed with, Mason taught me to love each and every run. Whether we Q�ed or not there was always something special about a run with Mason.

Remember, no matter how old or young, every dog only has a limited number of runs and it is NEVER enough..... enjoy every single run.

Hug your dogs for me and Mason.