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May 04, 2009
Missed By: Tracey
A message from me to you

No one will ever understand the bond we held between us. You were the pup who didn't come up to me when I went to find you. But sat along the wall and just looked at me. I knew that day that you would be mine. From that day forward we were always together. You always sat on my lap or laid beside me. You kissed me every day and made each day happier. You changed my life with laughter and love. A bond that could have only been sent from above. Your a soul mate, a piece of my heart, a companion more than any other. the last few years were hard on us both, but we went through it all together and you never flinched or changed your love. I knew the day might come and i may have to make the decision and it did last night. I thought i was doing what's best for you because I love you so much, I could not see you in pain. I just didn't realize that I have just lost much more than you, but the largest part of myself. I know you'll be with me each and every day but it's not the same as petting you or seeing your beautiful face when i walk in the door. I know I can never repay you for all you've given me, but I hope you know I did it out of love. I am suffering but I know that although I gave you more than expected, you never asked for it. I also know that I love you, but you always loved me more.