Online Memorials

Maxwell aka Piggy

2004 - 2018

Maxwell was born at home to Momzzy and Benjamin on 2004 around the end of August to September don’t know the exact date cause his mommy hid him and his brothers and sister under a wood heap near the grass at the side of the house under some I saw them crawling out from it one day and went to see them they were big for puppies. I picked them up and played with them they were big for puppies. It was him a brown puppy wuppy and the others were black and white. I left him with his mommzy wumzy for a while. She kept moving them around then the black one died, he got squeezed or something. I took piggy wiggy man an brought him inside behind the house outside my window where I saw him every day and minute. He was missing his mommzy womzy so I brought her inside to stay with him to. His mommzy squeezed through the gates and ran back outside. He used to cry during the night for his mommzy but she would be outside, he stayed inside to be safe, I would see him through my window and go and give him a bowl of warm milk and his tummy would be round, he would lap up all the milky and be a fat little puppy happy and full then snuggle up to sleep. He played inside the toilet and it had some shelves close by against the wall, he would climb inside it and sleep as a puppy. He was the first puppy I saw that had his teeth fall out like humans do and then got his permanent teeth. I had one I got from him and kept it, but couldn’t find it after a while. We used to play downstairs and share my food with him. I would turn an empty box over him and he would have fun moving it around and then turn it over. He had a lil brother smaller than him ratty boy when he was about a year old they would be inside together sleeping and eating together in the yard with their mommy. He would pick up his food bowl and carry it around the yard then eat. They were like a wolf pack together, there was also whiteyman who I think was his son most likely they slept together to inside and played. Piggyman would try to jump on them to and scratch at them with his footy. They called him Piggy cause when he finished ate he had food all over his face. He lived inside right outside my window and when he went outside he would chase everything and chase big plastic bottles around the yard chewing it up, he went crazy for squeaky toys and footballs or any kind of ball, he would chew threw any kind of ball in minutes. After a few years he started to get arthritis so I brought him inside and made him a bed plus he had a big mattress where he uses to sleep. I brought him and his little girl Gabriella or known as fatty to inside to be warm and safe and he got better with some medicine for arthritis and was back to running and jumping and chasing things. He loved to hunt rats and chase pigeons that came to eat his food. He protected his little girl from anyone and anything to, they would share food together to, he would eat some of his then swap bowls with her and keep doing that till their tummies was full. He would come upstairs and play when no one was home to, he and his little girl jumping on the couch and sleeping on the bed and watching TV sometimes or just listening to the noise. He had a bump on his shoulder at around 11 years, it wasn’t big about half the size of a small lime, he lived with it for years till the stupid vets interfered with it, a stranger even played with him and told the people who took him to the vet he’s running and playing and eating why do unnecessary surgery on him but they didn’t listen, I told them to leave him alone he had it and nothing was wrong with him but they didn’t listen I said then do some tests to see what it is but they just told them to do surgery since a biopsy would be the same, they were wrong cause the test came back and said it was a benign mass after I made them test it. He would still be alive if they never interfered with him and they didn’t even know how to treat him when it started to grow back after they removed it, they gave him medicine that suppressed his immune system and made it spread faster. I looked for ways to help him but what I found to help him was to late to use it, maybe someone reading this it can help them, use things like essiac tea, Selenium, shitake mushrooms, low-fat cottage cheese no fatty foods , CBD oil, finding a holistic vet can help to. I didn’t have access to most of those and I ordered some but it came too late. I kept begging for them to get a new vet to help him, on his last day he finally got a new vet but she said it was too late he didn’t look to well to play with him and hold him play with him and give him kfc. The new vet agreed with me that they should’ve never interfered with him and gave him pain medicine to help him and gave me some to give him at home. He went back home and laid down in the last spot he chose to lie down, it has a nice view he could see the whole yard and the road from inside. When I went to give him his medicine and stay the night with him he died in my hands around 10pm on Thursday 5th April, 2018 after I gave him it a few minutes later. I hugged him and told him I love you PaPa, he was my true papa. I told them he was gone and they cried for him to. I buried him behind the house in the morning with his cloth and jersey I put on him. I wish I was with him it pains so much. There’s so much more I want to write but it’s long already, All the ladies he met when he was sick loved him he was a ladies man, I love you forever and always PaPa Maxwell, piggy man.

PaPa Many days I have sat here lost and lonely,
waiting to be found. Looking into the
darkness that seems to go on forever.
Listening for a voice to speak words of
Have you ever felt someone so very close
that if you reached your hand out you would
touch them? Even if they are many miles away.
Then felt so lost with their silence. In this
silence the shadows of darkness come back
blocking out the light
With a heavy heart bowed I think back
to yesterdays when I was so sure
I would never be alone. I wish to
feel this way again
I close my eyes making my mind remember,
bringing back the memories out of the darkness.
These memories, these dreams, hopes that
one day will be. Memories of love and gentle
words. A touched memory of love
that inspired wings to fly. Wings
to glide to companionship of the heart.
Listening for whispers in the winds,
saying I am here. You are never alone.
One day