Online Memorials



Thank you for taking care of my cat meme's private cremation service. Me-me Was kinda like a cat/dog. He always loved playing with tennis balls and just running around chasing my other little cat Bella. Meme would eat anything I would eat like a dog. Pizza, anything. I'd give him a bite. We had a very special bond and we had a very special routine that I am dealing with overcoming. He was the sweetest cat once you gained his trust and he loved chin rubs, and his head rubbed. I spent every moment of my free time with him. He was my Mental health animal and got me through a lot of depression and anxiety. THank you for all that meme. I never really was mad for all the times you brought every single toy you had and planted it in my bed like landmines so I roll over onto a rock hard ball in the middle of the night. you had a heart of gold buddy. Daddy will see you in heaven soon. and while your up there make sure you play with that unlimited supply of tennis balls!

love your daddy, PJ.