Online Memorials

Mia Cosker

2013 - 2021

Our beautiful Mia May. Our loyal and steadfast friend. The member of our family who loved us unconditionally, comforted us continuously, and protected us fiercely. Your heart was made of gold, and your eyes were filled with a light and love that made each of us know we had value, we were loved, and that you cared. You filled our home and our lives in so many ways. From your enthusiastic welcome every time we came through the front door, to your quiet paw on our arm asking us for just a few more pats on the head, or scratches around your ears. You will be missed beyond words. But we know you live forever in our hearts, we will still hear you bounding down the stairs in the morning, barking at anything that dared to enter our yard, and jumping in the air to catch a treat. Thank you, Mia, for loving us, and for being the strength that we all needed. Rest peacefully my beautiful girl.