Online Memorials


2011 - 2021

Miles, you were a rare treasure that permanently left an imprint on our hearts…

While you weren’t a rescue dog, in many ways that’s exactly what you were—because the reality is, you rescued us. I can still remember the feeling the day we drove up to the farm to pick you up. From the pictures, I knew you only as Mr. Blue, but the very moment I saw your sweet face… ears pointed straight up bigger than you, and your head tilted to the side—it was truly love at first sight. I knew at that moment—and know even more today—that God handpicked you for our family. He knew at precisely the right moment in time to gift you to us. Like a promised sunrise… you poured beautiful warmth and light into our lives. You instantly bonded with the family, especially your boys: Colby, Logan, and Lance. Just 9, 7, and 6 years-old at the time, they became your world, and you theirs. Naming you Miles was more than apropos because it means gracious soldier… and you were that in every way… our knight in shining armor. There for the boys as they grew from boyhood into young gentlemen and there for me when I was battling cancer and loss. From Maine to Manhattan, Nantucket to the Outer Banks… you were part of countless adventures that have become cherished memories.

Silent heartbreak has filled our home. It feels as though we’ve forgotten how to breathe, think, and speak. But in the instant you so graciously passed away with all of us by your side, I knew with complete certainty, that I have had the irrevocable privilege to love the greatest dog that ever lived.

Until we meet again, my sweet prince, rest in peace (and find the biggest sticks in Heaven).