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Miss Maggie


February 20, 2011
Missed By: The DiStefano Family and Friends

Our blessed Boxer Angel, Maggie

I once read that if you have ever loved an animal, there are three days in your life you will always remember.

Our FIRST DAY was bringing Maggie home. We had so many firsts with Maggie, as we watched her explore. Oh to have back the first time she licked our faces or when she finally found her special place on the bed. The day she did her boxer "kidney bean" dance and put her arms around our necks and actually hugged us. We will never forget the first time we realized Maggie was not a dog but a Boxer.

Our SECOND DAY occurred when Maggie was turning seven. We noticed our little girl had grown up so quickly. Where there was once youth we saw the wisdom that comes with age. We altered her diet and shortened our walks. We had to give her a boost up when she was having her boxer moments and we watched her take slower steps.

Our THIRD DAY came to quickly for us. We were faced to make a decison on behalf of our beloved Miss Maggie. It left us feeling a loss deep within our soul. Our tears continue to flow freely because they must. We look down at the place Maggie should be and the ache seems as if it will never go away.

I read there will be a FOURTH DAY too. This is the day we no longer hurt and ache remembering the legacy of Maggie and the gifts she left us to live with. Her's is a love that is ours alone...the unique and strong relationship of a boxer we have loved, lost and will remember for ever.