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Missy Munchkin


March 15, 2009 | Missed By:maureen & al

Goodbye Our Little Bunnygirl
Dear little Missy, we had you for 6 & 1/2 years which is not nearly long enough...thank you for having such a big heart in such a tiny body and loving mommy and daddy as much as you did.
Thank you for being a good little nurse when mommy was sick and always staying by mommy's side when she fell asleep.
Thank you for loving daddy and always being glad to see him come in the door from work each night and sitting by his feet more loyal and loving than could possibly be imagined..
We will miss you but you are with Cadbury now and may the 2 of you have a lot of fun playing together...don't forget us, we will never forget you,our little Missy,you were the absolute best little bitty buuny rabbit..mommy and daddy love you.