Online Memorials


2004 - 2017

Oh the things you'd do...Mr. Moo!
When you first came home, you'd chase your tail, trap it - sitting down with it between your legs and bite it so hard you'd squeak. You never did get a fully vocal meow, unless you were in the car. Also, when you were little I thought I was going to need to talk to your then vet about a helmet for you because you were constantly headbutting everything in sight. You also started your routine of wanting to take your daily shower with me not by sitting on the ledge of the bathtub in between the curtain and liner, but either inside the shower on the far side or on the ledge of the bathtub inside the liner right up front next to me. When you were 3, you were in your prime! You'd shred the toilet paper so badly, it couldn't be used almost daily -- I had to start locking you out of the bathroom when I went to work. You'd unravel the paper towels until you took all of them off the roll to play with the roll and would shred that once I got home. The neighbors would watch you open the doors after I would leave for work but would never come out of the house -- thankfully, they watched and would go and shut the doors again and told you "no", which you always listened. On the other hand, if I was home hanging out downstairs by the fire with the neighbors/landlord, you'd open the door and proudly made your appearance by jumping on my lap. You also found it fit to make yourself a magic carpet ride with the long carpet runner I had in the hallway by going on one side of the apartment and running at full speed - jumping on the opposite end of the carpet - and sliding across the rest of the apartment until you hit the wall to stop yourself - you'd wait where you were - I'd fix the carpet - and you'd repeat, just from the opposite side - we'd do that at least 10Xs a night! You would also see fit to hide your toys on me everyday on me in a pile -- in the same spot, always -- under the couch -- that I would find every time and we'd sit there and play fetch with the toys that we could. You also knew how to follow the toy in the air and jump up and catch it with your paws when I said catch. Thank you for that, Moo. The most frustrating, but funniest of all was when you found it fit between 2am - 3am every night to jump on the big (not flat screen then) tv I had that was about 6ft-8ft away from me sleeping on my bed and then catapult (no pun intended) across the room and most of the bed to land on top of me, all to be fed. At first, I had caved in the realized it was quickly becoming a routine for you...then, I stopped -- and it still continued -- so maybe it was just a game?
When Raven was in the tub, on command/coincidence you jumped up on the toilet when he was taking a bath when we told you to "watch him to make sure he did everything he was supposed to do." -- He was a 4 year old in the tub, this soon came back to bite us in the butt when he was diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder and he always continue to think you would tell on him...
The way you greeted me every time I entered a room you were in or when you came into a room I was in. Or, even people you never met before.
Moo, you always amazed me at your gentle, kind, sweet approach to kids, Yoshi, and life in general will forever be in my heart. You are the best cat I will ever know. In fact, you were such a huge influence of and reduced the huge stigma of cats that your old Stepmom's family had, they went out and rescued 2 cats of their own because they met you and fell in love. You also had people fall in love with you who didn't care for cats but knew you were chill with them.
You have been on a 12yr 11mo up and down journey with me your whole life and were my best friend. You knew when I was happy. You knew when I was upset. You always cuddled. You knew when it was time for bed and would always beat me there when it was time, we had our routine. You will never be replaced and will always have very own special place in my heart. You will never be forgotten Moo Man! I love you!