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September 07, 2014
Missed By: Marsha and Roger

Moxie's my best friend and companion

My darling Moxie
walked into my heart
and in my heart
forever lives.

Moxie my best friend and companion

Moxie was just a roley poley little butterball of a mini schnauzer when we got her Christmas of 2000. She was just perfect and adorable. Her little pink tab of a tongue was always sticking out of her mouth until she grew into it. So cute! She was obedient and sweet and sensitive. My favorite pet, so far, and probably always will be. She was loved more than words can say. I'll miss and remember her for the rest of my life.
She was Daddy's girl, too. He misses her terribly. He became more attached than he had counted on. She was his first pet and he loved and cherished his girl. Wish she could've lived forever. We would've been grateful for that. We love and miss you something awful, Moxie.

Moxie was born on 9/1/2000 and walked into my heart on 12/17/2000. In my heart she will forever live!

We love and miss you something awful, Moxie. As of this date, 1/7/2015, it's been 4 months since you've been gone and we are not hurting as bad as at first but are still devastated at your loss. If wishes could bring you back... Gosh, you were the best dog, Moxie. We love you so much.
We got another dog when you had been gone only 3 weeks because I could not cope with the silence in the house. We got a little chihuahua. His name is Asher, and while he'll never take your place, he's been a source of great comfort to us, Moxie. Time will soften the pain and grief that we feel. I've had to hide your portrait because it kept calling to me and I would cry all the time. Farewell, Moxie. Our lives were extremely blessed by your presence. Please help Mom let go...

Moxie I feel you near me

Moxie, everyday I find the breadcrumb trail that you left behind for me to find my way. I am following your lead and am having a better go of it now. But I still miss you terribly even though other things in life have crowded the space where you reside in my heart. I will always keep a special chamber in the depths of my heart and being to keep our cherished memory of you. I will love you forever, Moxie, and every day I wish you could come back but I know that that isn't possible and that's what still hurts so badly, Moxie. I'll never have another baby like you, nor would I want one. You are unique and priceless to me and precious as gold, pearls, and diamonds. I won't tarnish your memory by saying that Asher even comes close to following in your footsteps. He'll never be you, Moxie, although I love him for what he is and have turned my attention to providing him a better life than I was able to for you. You taught me so much about how to care for a dog, Moxie. I only wish I'd known it all all along so that you could've benefitted more from my knowledge as well. In all, though, I gave you the best life I knew how with Gods help. I miss you, my darling Moxie. My love. You are forever in my heart and my life is much richer for having loved you and been loved by you. I cannot hold you physically anymore but I hold your memory in my mind like a precious jewel that I will forever treasure. I have your portrait to adore still. My baby. See you tomorrow in my mind. Asher is going to have a good life because of your legacy, Moxie. Thank you, Dear Lord, for blessing my life with my Moxie. She was a gift and a blessing and I will never stop loving her. Thank you ,Jesus.

Moxie and Ashes, my darlings


It's been over 2 years now. We had to sell Asher bc he was too much of a sneaky thief and ate everything he found on the floor (mostly inedible stuff). I was afraid he would need expensive surgery after eating something he found that he would not be able to pass. We couldn't afford that and sold him to Jenna on 5/11/2016. Two days later Ashes was born in Colorado. We watched her grow online on Crystals webcam for 2 months. On 7/7/2016 she was flown to us here in Rhode Island. She was an adorable little ball of sweet fluff. She's a toy schnauzer and full grown will only be as big as you were @ 3 months old. Right now she is 6.5 months old, teething, and she's still a darling sweetheart. We have as much room in our hearts for her as we did you, Moxie. Schnauzers are my kind of dogs. Our personalities are compatible. I was not compatible with Asher, our Chihuahua, which is why we sold him. He's so much better off now. Jenna is younger and had a senior chihuahua that had just passed away. So their pairing up was a match made in heaven, Moxie. I sleep well at night bc of Jenna. I feel good about Asher. And I love, love, love Ashes. We are blessed yet again, Moxie. I didn't think I would ever stop grieving you. It's true though, time heals all wounds. I love and miss you, darling Moxie, to this day. And I will never forget that you were my first dog and our first love. Daddy and I talk of you often. We were so very fond of our Moxie.
Always in our hearts....