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June 11, 2012
Missed By: Cathy, Linda, Barbara and Jack

Oscar, sorry you didn't have post-op care

Oscar, my dear feline, we wanted you to feel better because of your condition - "Megacolon", your meds and diet were not helping you feel better. We had them perform surgery on you because we knew you would feel better. We researched the surgery and it has a very good prognosis. We found a good surgeon who performed 100's of these operations. The surgery went okay, but the WHAC were the surgery was performed did not give you post-op care and when Linda checked on you, you were cold, unresponsive and had shallow breathing. Your third eyelids were up. We rushed you to Central Animal Hospital and Dr. Anderson tried to save you. You were too cold for too long and you died of hypothermia. We are so sorry buddy! We didn't know that WHAC would just leave you in a cage on a towel and go home, left alone without warming, monitoring your temperature or checking your vital signs. You were left without warmth, you never did come out of anesthesia. I AM SO SORRY this happened to you. I miss you so much (so does Harry - he is depressed without you to be with). Why did this have to happen? I miss you my dear buddy, at least now you can be with Rocky, you loved him so much. I have never witnessed a cat love a dog so much. I know you cried when Rocky died in 2006, but now you are together again. I will see you both again when my time comes too.

P.S. I will not let your death be in vain, I will bring this to the attention of animal lovers - that you were killed by the negligence of a greedy veterinarian who left you to die. I don't want anyone else to die because of lack of care in an animal clinic/hospital.

I love you Oscar (aka "Manicatti", "King Oscar", "Mouffassa Cat"). Until we meet again!