Online Memorials

oskey saavedra

oskey 2009

i hope that you enjoyed your life.
you brought excitment to my life, and helped me through the rough parts.
i hope i treated you well.
i appreciate every moment we had together, and i wish God would have givin us more time. without you, i am nothing.
hope you like your new doggy house in heaven.

without you

i am empty without you.
without you, i cam nothing.
you were always there to cheer me up, and help me when i was sad.
we used to play, and have fun at the park, but now i have no one to play with.
its going to be painful to look at your box, which will be there to remind me of the most awsomest pet ive ever had.
nothing and no one can or will replace you.
hope you like your new doggy house.