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February 07, 2012
Missed By: Torres Family

My Red

Today I lost someone that was very special to me. I saw her from the day she was born and kept her as my own. Saw her when she opened her eyes and began to walk. Today she was hit by a car �and I feel as if my world dropped. I lost my baby. Red. The one who was there for me all the time, the one that made me happy.. I now realize that anything can change in an instant. A puppy who was about to turn two this month on the twentieth didn't deserve to die. It was the least thing I could expect from such a young ,healthy puppy that made my life and my family's soooo much better. Rest in peace Pebbles :( I love you with all my heart and miss you sooo much. Know that you will be on my mind 24/7 .you were my everything.