Online Memorials


2009 - 2021

Rocky had a larger than life personality. Although he was a small (but robust) Cairn Terrier, he knew that wherever he went, he owned the place. Every person who walked into our home would get greeted by a slew of barking, tail wagging, hair licking, and a parade of his favorite toys. He knew no stranger, and as his older human sister, I personally believe that this was really his planet, and we were all lucky and blessed to be living on it with him.
Everywhere he went, he would want to greet every new person by rubbing up against them, and begging to be pet. All he knew was how to love, and as his family, all we knew was how to love him back unconditionally.
Although he’s gone now, his spirit will always live on with those who knew him. Up until his very last breath, he was surrounded by his momma and dad, his doctors who have known him since he was born, and his older human sister on FaceTime. The pain of losing him so quickly still remains the same, but with each passing day, the memories of him become less painful, and the love that we had for him since the moment we met, still remains the same.
Wherever his soul is now, I hope that he’s still chasing tennis balls, barking at airplanes, sprinting it to the mailman for treats, and waiting for us to join him again. Not a day goes by where we don’t think about him, and we are forever grateful for the impact that he had on our lives.