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2004 - 2016

Missed By: Trish and Jason

Romeo Criner-Jotie
May 2004- May 4 2016

Romeo passed away peacefully on May 4th, in my arms (his Mommy). His Daddy was also at his side.
He was a big guy but was known for his gentile manner, especially towards small animals and children. He enjoyed life with a spirit that was absolutely infectious. No one could resist his goofy little smile. Aside from chasing squirrels he enjoyed terrorizing the mail man, watching animal planet with his buddy Sunshine (a tabby), hanging out with Dad, and spending time with his extended family and friends. Recently he completed a bucket list that included a trip to the Adirondacks, a sleep over with cousins Dante (a pit-bull), Brutus (a Terrier mix), and Sadie (a German Shepard), and having a whole Filet Mignon to himself.
Everyone dearly loved Romeo -except one particular mailman,.
When my time has come I will meet you at the Rainbow bridge, where there is no hurting or suffering and we can play tag, Frisbee, or whatever we want.
I love you Romeo, you never left my side no matter what, except maybe for maybe a Snausage-but you came right back. It crushed my heart to see you pass and that was the only time you ever caused me any pain.
Rest in Peace my little love! I miss you!