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February 18, 2011
Missed By: Donna and Steve
A Special Place For Rosie

You have a special place, Dear Lord
That I know you'll always keep
A special place reserved for dogs
When they quietly fall asleep.
With large and airy spaces
And a yard for hiding bones
Where they can hear a babbling creek
That chatters over the stones.
With wide green fields and sunshine
Where they can see so clear
Because the eyes that once were blind
Now see everything far and near
I know you keep this special place
And so to You I pray
For my very precious schnauzer
Who quietly died today.
She was so full of strength and love
And very very wise
But the young pup look that she once had
Had long since left her eyes.
She is already missed my Lord
And will be every day
I'm asking through my tears Dear Lord
That you help her find her way
So speak to Rosie softly please
And give her a warm hello
She's a special gift to You, Dear Lord
From Donna who loved her so.
R.I.P. my sweet Rosie

August 18, 6 months have passed without you I will never stop loving or missing you xo

I'm missing you today my girl and wil lnever stop. I pray for your little puppy spirit to be with you All my hugs and kisses go to you I hope you can feel them. RIP I love you..Mommy

July 3, 2011
Happy Birthday to my very special Rosie..It wouldve been 14 years today. I am so blessed to have had you for 13 1/2 Miss you and love you so much baby girl! xo

Aug 13
When will I be able to be happy with just your memories I want to hold you and kiss you and feel you again, I'm so sad without you baby girl. I hope that you are happy and free of all that hurt you here but I miss you so much and I know I always will xoxoxoxo

August 18
You've been gone for 6 months now girlfriend and I have never stopped missing you or loving you Theres no other girl who could ever take your place. I just hope that you can feel me still with you because our hearts will always be one. e forever xo