Online Memorials

Roxy Penelope Tripp

2006 - 2020

Roxy was/is and forever will be my world. She was my kid. Fur and all. Best friend and partner in crime. I had her back and she had mine. She got sick with pancreatitis 5 years ago and became a diabetic In which we controlled. Along with a diagnosis of COPD and Cushings. She was on so many meds which allowed her to maintain for a while. But Roxy started to go blind this year and started to decline cognitively. Very hard to watch my baby so scared, anxiety ridden and anxious. She declined real fast within a few days of her cognitive diagnoses. My girl loves to eat just like me and my family! ( My Pops is an Executive Chef, we love food). As soon as she stopped eating and couldn’t walk, cried and became lifeless I had to think about her quality of life and not mine. I put my best girl down 9/17/20. Hardest thing I ever had to do. She is the love of my life😢 I feel the extreme guilt. I know I did everything in my power to keep her as healthy and happy as possible. She is my Princess Puffhead who is no longer suffering and is in the most beautiful place with God❤️ Running around, playing, able to see and no longer in pain. Roxy you made such a huge impact in my life. You helped me through a lot of hard times and sadness in my life and brought me great joy❤️ Thank you for everything you did for me. I hope you know I appreciate you and no one and anything could ever replace you and the special bond we have. Final Gift did an amazing job and I was able to get you back as quickly as they promised even though I had to get rough with the Vet. You are home where you belong🙏 I am going to miss you everyday of my life. We had a routine my girl from the time we woke up at 5am until bedtime which varied. I’m going to also miss buying making you your special foods🥰 My little foodie!! Run free my little girl and see all the beautiful things you missed out seeing for so long😍 Until we meet again, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE AND MORE THAN ANYONE AND ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD💞 I can’t wait to kiss your beautiful face again my doll dog🐩 Truly should have been a model😍 I could go on forever about how beautiful, sweet and loving you are🐩💞You are so very missed by Mama, Pockie, Me and Chelsea😩 God Bless you always🙏 You taught me a lot about life, love and made me a better person🥰💞🐩🌈 I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS💞💞 come visit Sister whenever you can.. I’ll always be looking out for you my beauty😘😘🥰🥰🥰👑👑🐩