Online Memorials


Missed By: jim and maria

Our precious Rudie

We love and miss you soooo much Baby. The house is so quiet. We swear that we can still hear you walking up and down the hallway. I wake up every morning around 3:00 a.m. or so, just like I did when you were here, when I would wake to your bark or whimper. Our hearts are broken. Your picture hangs in the hallway where you slept for 2 years. Having you for 10 years was the best times of our lives. You made us laugh, and you made us cry as things began to become more difficult for you. Watching you suffer some was so hard for us, but we kept you alive for as long as we could, until we couldn't watch you go on as you were. Our lives will never be the same, but you brought such joy and happiness to us. We will never forget you. You were one of us, one of our family, and we all miss you, but nobody loved you like Mommy and Daddy. Rest in peace my Baby.