Online Memorials

Sasha of Salmon Brook


February 17, 2012
Missed By: Jay and Danny

My girl

You'll always be my puppy, for I still remember when,
The day we brought you home, and you broke out of the pen.
For it was not your will or way, to not be by my side,
My trusty, loyal, faithful friend, you were to young to die.
I saw your tired loving face, and I knew it was not right,
But I did not think that you would leave me, on that very night.
And down the stairs I came to you, but alas it was too late,
To gaze upon your gorgeous face; and bemoan the aweful fate.
I caressed you one last time, my girl, my precious faithful friend,
And we gave you up to the Lord above, never to see you again.
But the day will come, when we will play, in fields and woods afar.
I will always love my dobie girl, no matter where you are.