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Missed By:Heather, Vicki, Nikole, Auntie Autumn, Auralee, Uncle Alex, Dodger & Kayla

Sassy, Love of my life
Baby Babe, Bunny, Rabbit, Sassy, You saved my life. At a time when my world was falling apart and I had lost myself, you came along and turned everything around. You helped make me strong and you taught me how to love. You showed me that I was worthy of love. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
I love everything about you. From the freckle on your noise, to the small gray patch on your side, to the missing chunk of your left ear �I still don�t know how that happened.I love the way you would scratch outside of the litter box instead of in it. I love how you would lay down in the middle of a board game. I love how you would tear apart a perfectly wrapped present. I love how you would push something out of your way, especially when it made a mess. I love how you would sneak onto the table and go for the asparagus when there was a perfectly good turkey plated right next to it. I love the way you snored. I love your night time ritual of being rubbed down with your toys � oh so loved. I love how your version of �getting down� was crouching and then putting all of your weight down so no one could pick you up. I love not being able to take "m-ee-lk" out of the fridge without your paw forcing my hand towards you. I really love your infamous "humph" and now I do this all of the time. I love how you stopped to stretch by the door in the living room every time before we went upstairs for na-night. I love how you charged through the house after pooping - always so proud of yourself! I love the indescribably sweet moments that no one else got to see. These are the moments that bring the biggest smile to my face. I could go on forever and ever.
You're one of a kind. My best friend. My soul's counterpart. Sassy, you're the love of my life. I had originally written this using "loved" in past tense, but love is forever. You and I are forever. You and me together will be, forever you'll see. I love you Sassy.

"You and me together we'll be
Forever you'll see
We two can be good company
You and me
Yes, together we two
Together, that's you
Forever with me
We'll always be good company
You and me
Yes, together we'll be

You and me
Together we'll be
Forever, you'll see
We'll always be good company
You and me
Just wait and see"