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February 02, 2012
Missed By: Dad, Mum ,Rob, Lindsey & Jenna

Scooter Our Precious Little Boy!

My best Friend closed his eyes last night,
As I held him close in my arms so tight.
We gave you a million kisses and pats on the head,
Until it was time for you to lay to rest in your bed.

Today, there was no beautiful Scooter or a bark to hear,
Living life without our furry little Friend will be so hard to bear.
Wherever we are, we know you will always be by our side,
In the car or on the boat you will surely be along for the ride.

We will all remember you Scooter and all our joy filled days,
We will never forget your loving, funny, crazy, human dog ways.
Our hearts are filled with sadness and lots and lots of tears,
Thank you Scooter for giving us ten precious memory filled years.

We love you dearly Scooter and miss you so very much,
Especially your cold nose nudges and soft furry touch.
Rest in Peace Scooter Boy and know that you are loved dearly,
You are without a doubt the best dog in the whole world clearly.

We will never forget about your love for all foods and your Cookies,
And how Mumma used to trim your hair and clean your eye crookies.
You were always crazy for your toys especially your dinosaur egg,
Thank you for always greeting us at the door with a jump on our leg.

Dad & Mumma will miss loving you, being with you and night snacks with you,
And the Kids will miss living with you and visiting with you and loving you too!
Grammie & Grampie will miss you & Daddy will surely miss throwing your toy.
Our homes and Maine will truly never be the same without you Scooter Boy.

Farewell, our furry little Friend until we meet again someday,
Just Remember �Mumma Loves you� as I would always say.
Dad, Mumma, Rob, Lindsey & Jenna blow a kiss to you,
I know you caught it and you blew one back to us too!

Love, Kisses & Hugs, Your Loving Family,
Daddy, Mumma, Rob, Michelle, Lindsey, Matt, Jenna, C.J.,
Grammie, Grampie, Nana Jean, Grampy Rocky, Aunie Cindy, Uncle John, And your Favorite Cousin John who gave you your Beloved Dinosaur Egg.
And all your Friends at Home and in Maine. In Our Hearts Forever!
We miss you and will Love you Forever and Ever! XOXOXOX<33333 To Scooter Our Angel. Scooter it�s just not fair that you were taken so soon and so unexpected, All of our lives have been turned upside down and greatly affected. Our Hearts are swelled with love for you and we are grateful that you are ours, If we could bring you back you know we would with super miracle powers. You always looked up at us with your sweet eyes full of love, It is so hard to believe that you have gone to heaven above. Scooter you will always be our wonderful companion and friend, Our love for you, and your love for us, will never ever end. Scooter our smart little boy who rings his jingle bell to go out, Who we could always count on running in very fast, without a doubt. It is so empty here now, your bowl, the couch, and the wood stove rug, Scooter Boots just know you are our Everything, our Little Love Bug. Maine will be lonely, thanks for always being with us at Camp and on our boat, Always riding on Daddy's lap or jumping on the tube with Mummy to float. Scooty, we miss your bark, we miss your smile, we miss your loving ways, Please be a good boy, have fun and play, and eat lots of cookies okay? Scooter, going to Grammie and Grampie's is something you loved to do, And you loved when Jenna, Rob, Lindsey and Matt, came home to see you. Scooter, you followed us everywhere, you are our biggest joy, You are without a doubt, Mumma and Daddy's sweet baby boy. Loving, loyal, adaptable, compatible, portable, traveler, snuggler, friend, and oh so cute, Scooter you know we are describing you, our funny, little Scoot Boot! You will always be a part of our Family, you are truly a precious gift, Through good times and bad we could always count on you for a spirit lift. Life will be different without you, our hearts are so filled with sorrow, We take one day at a time now and hope for a better tomorrow. Dad, Mum, Rob, Lindsey and Jenna adore you and love you unconditionally, Love also comes from Matt, Michelle, C.J.,and all your Friends and Family. Scooter we love you to the moon and back, Infinity and beyond! XOXOXOX<33333 O:) We miss you so much! You are our Little Angel Boy, Who will forever watch over us! Love, Dadddy, Mummy, Rob, Lindsey and Jenna! XOXOXOX<33333 O:)