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Sebastian Love McDonald

2011 - 2024

Sebastian Love McDonald
9/6/2011- 4/30/2024
Sebastian Love was my vibrant little boy, my punk rock pup, my four legged son, who I loved more than words can express. I wasn’t the only one who had tremendous affection for Bashe, he was loved and adored by everyone he encountered.
Sebastian chose me to be his Mom, when he was just three months old. When he came back with me he turned our house in to a home. Bashe, has given me the gift of love, companionship, joy and protection for more than twelve years, which is the greatest gift I have ever received.
Staying true to breed as an Australian Silky Terrier, Sebastian was my little worker bee always on duty not only guarding our homes throughout the years but protecting me and altering me to anything and everything he found concerning.
As grateful for the memories of sharing the last twelve and a half years together, I already miss my Sebastian Love beyond belief; I find comfort knowing that when he arrived at the Rainbow Bridge he was greeted by his sister Emma Love, and they’re both with their Grandpa, my Dad.