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December 19, 2009
Missed By: Allen
My little guy

He didn't like me at first. In fact, I'm pretty sure he meant to dispatch me. Only as big as a hamster and a roar as loud as the squeak of a field mouse and still ready to take me on. I could tell right away he was a fighter. I caught him by surprise, coming into the field he knew as home on my bike, sending him and the litter scurrying into a dozen different directions. His tail got caught between two pickets leaving him vulnerable to anything that came along. Luckily what came along was unconditional love and everlasting friendship.
With bright blue eyes and fuzzy wheat colored kitten fur this 3 week old baby acted like the biggest proudest lion of the Serengeti protecting his own and ready to take on anyone. This attitude, in spirit, stayed true throughout all his 16 years. Beating leukimia into remission before 6 months old and battling diabetes in his final years. Seinfeld was a fighter.
I had no idea of the relationship that would form starting the day I found him. Like Elliott and E.T., we had an unspoken bond unlike anything I've ever experienced. Astoundingly intelligent, cognizant and communicative, Seinfeld was so much more than a family pet. He was an equal. He was my best friend. I was his person.