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Missed By: Bob

Our little puppy all grown and now gone

My Little Puppy,
All grown now 17 years later you still remain my little puppy-doodle.
I've watched your eyes shine thru the years, from youthful, fun loving
youngster to being full of wisdom and love, only years can bring. Others often got attention before, because you allowed so many others to join the family who needed homes and help. Your love for their plight was always there. But you were never any less in our hearts. You made us laugh with your comical ways - you did things to the beat of your own drum. But time eventually caught up with you. You were the last of them all, but often the first in my heart and mind. I cannt tell you how much it hurts as it does with the others, and the tears are always there as is the love. I know you are with Zoe, Keaton, Nub. Molly and Skippy and I only pray that when my time has run, that I will be met by all of you, who were my reason the be. I miss you Shawn-poodie and always will.