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August 25, 2012
Missed By: Emily

What We Love Deeply Becomes Part of Us.

My little Beazley "B" would brighten up anybody's day who she met. She was always eager to meet new friends! She loved nothing more than a good scratch from a new buddy or her momma :) Sixteen years was not long enough. As much as you hated being cuddled and hugged, I would give anything to be able to hear your silly little growl at me if i tried to snuggle up with you! I still sometimes call your name when I walk in the door, no other dog will replace the love we had, and the amazing times we shared. I love you to no end and I will never forget you. My baby girl, I won't forget holding you for your last breath. It meant the world to me to be able to be with you at your last moment. I hope you got to see Shelby as soon as you left here, your momma, and now our little baby Stanley is with you, wherever you are. Your paw prints are still on the deck outside from when we had arts and crafts :) I love love love you!!!