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March 13, 2010
Missed By: Jessica Maire Racine and Family

Smokey Poem

You are my cuddle bug.
You are my pal.
You are more than just a cat to me.
You are my baby boy that I will never have.
We had some good times together.
And if its time for me to say goodbye I will.
I owe it to you to let you go.
In peace and not to suffer�
But I will never forget the love you given me.
You are my best friend who always listens.
And are there for me when I need a paw to cry on.
And know that someday we will be together again.
You are my Smokey who I love so dear.
By: Jessica Marie Racine

Smokey Racine

Smokey was a mirical kitty cause he was found in a dogs mouth and was saved and given to me. Ever since Smokey was a kitten he was my pal. He always followed me around my house like a dog. When I came home he would come running and meow.When he wanted to get my attension he would paw at me it was the cutest thing. Smokey got dieabets and he went to ER. 2 times and they treated him and I sore to myself if his keytones came back I would put him to rest. Well they did and I put him to sleep its been very hard for me cause I had him for 13yrs. and I loved him very much and miss him alot. I know I wll see him again someday. I have lots of memories of him in my heart and they will always be their and I will never forget them and how much he means to me.