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September 09, 2009
Missed By: Darryl, Neil & Bigglesworth


Snoopy was born on August 19, 1998 in Plymouth, WI. Her parents were "Upton" & "Maggie." Both Snoopy and her sister Bigglesworth came to live with us in Chicago on December 21, when Snoopy was just 16 weeks old. As we considered them a "Christmas present," Snoopy always wore a red collar/harness and Biggles green.

We only lived briefly in IL and wanted to get the girls home to Rhode Island where they would have a ton of family and friends. When Snoopy was registered with The American Kennel Club in January of 1999, they gave her the name, "Snoopy of Rhode Island."

Most people say that their dogs are "angels," but Snoop really was. In her 11 years she never complained or whined about ANYTHING. I think she let her sister do it for her. :-)
Snoopy and Biggles were never apart - they were joined at the hip. Snoop would play little games with her sister and tease her relentlessly with food and their dog bones. Snoopy would always hide her dog bones away somewhere, but Biggles would always find them and steal them. Yesterday I looked between the cushions in her favorite place on the couch and I found a bone that Snoopy had hidden. ONE bone that Biggles never found. I guess you could say that Snoopy finally won.

Snoopy had a ton of nicknames: Snoop, Snoop Dog, Snoop Diggity, Snoop-a-licious, etc.. but to me she'll always be my "Baby Girl." Everyone who met Snoopy instantly fell in love with her. She was loving, gentle and loved to be with people. She hated to be alone and therefore, never was.

After 11 of the BEST years of our lives, Snoopy decided it was time that she just wanted to rest. She always did love her sleep. Unfortunately, Snoopy's body turned on her and she was suffering from several issues that she could not recover from. After spending some time in the hospital receiving treatment, Snoopy was sent home to have time to say goodbye to her family and friends. About an hour after
we came home, Snoopy was in her spot on the couch and just looked up at me with those big brown eyes. She tried, but she just couldn't hold on any longer. I held her in my arms for most of that night and wouldn't let go. I then slept beside her in her favorite spot on the couch one last night.

The next morning we took our little girl to Final Gift in Cranston. We picked out a beautiful urn for her. On Saturday morning, Snoopy is going to have a final goodbye and a private cremation. She will then come back home with us where she belongs.

I don't know how one little beagle could have such an impact on so many people. Snoopy was a gentle soul and my family and life will be incomplete without her. One of the last things that I asked her yesterday, was to look down and watch over us - especially her sister.

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH SNOOPY. Bigglesworth has been sniffing around the couch and looking for you. As I write this she finally brought herself to lay in your spot. Her nose is going crazy and she is now whimpering. I think she's trying to keep your seat warm for you.

We are truly, truly heartbroken without you Sweetpea.
It just wasn't enough time.

(August 19th, 1998 - September 9th, 2009)