Online Memorials


2006 - 2017

Dear Stoli,
You were the BEST worst ???? dog there ever was. Our hearts are so full of the memories, love and loyalty you offered us for the past 11 years. ???????? ???? ????????
He, who wanted to be pet but not touched ????
he, who reserved kisses for only the specialist of moments,
he who was my first puppy who "taught" me all the wrong things to do as a new pet owner.
He, who graced our first home together as the dominant puppy who gave us hell and managed to charm the neighbors even though he barks half of each and every day.
He, who poisoned himself (twice), ate remotes, batteries, tissues, shoes, stairs, clothes, couches and presents.
He, who was so neurotic he never gained a pound because he couldn't settle down.
He, who loved us fiercely through loss, an expanded family and life's ups and downs.
He, who taught his brothers the art of cuddling and had the softest ears I've ever known...he will leave a hole in our hearts.
Thank you to every person who has loved this crazy dog of ours.
Stoli, stolimans, poopimans, poops: you'll always be our best old man and we love you so much. We hope we made this the best world possible because you deserved it my handsome red dog.