Online Memorials

Sully Fraser

2007 - 2024

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” Anatole France

My sweet, sweet Sully crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge at 16 years 8mo old.

Sully was the sweetest, happiest wire-haired dachshund - - he was my first dog as an adult. Sully went everywhere with me from the beach 🌊, to mountains 🏔️ , brunches, dinner parties, and wherever dogs were allowed. He was always by my side.
Sully had the sweetest demeanor & loved 💕everyone he met. Sully absolutely loved the sun ☀️ and would always lay in its rays whenever he could.
He was a therapy dog at R.E.A.D in NYC public schools where young children with learning disabilities would read to him and practice their reading skills. He sat on many laps & listened to many stories.
While living in the West Village, Sully grabbed the attention of locals and celebrities. From Julianne Moore to Bradley Cooper. My favorite story is when Sir Paul McCartney and his daughter came up to Sully while we were at a farmers market in Amagansett, NY. Sir Paul McCartney asked me what kind of dog he was? He called him “an interesting little fellow” and asked if he could hold him. I was completely star ⭐️ struck. I said yes and I will always live with this phrase in my head “a Beatle held my dog” I made SO many wonderful friends through Sully just from our walks and playdates at the dog park.
Sully you will be forever missed. Thank you for all of your Sully kisses, the unconditional love, you always knew when I was sad and somehow knew that if you just cuddled into me, you would always make me feel better. Thank you for teaching me patience. Thank you for making me laugh and always beating to your own drum. I love you Bubba. I hope you’re running in the park pain free, basking in the sun ☀️ and making everyone smile. RIP my sweet angel boy ❤️