Online Memorials


2015 - 2021

Rest in peace my little one, gone way too soon. I found her in the parking lot of my apartment building in 2015, right before I moved out of the neighborhood. She was a sick little runt in a feral colony that the local crazy cat lady helped me catch with her magic key powers. She took to me right away (that first picture was taken the very day I got her), and has always been such a sweetheart. She got me through some really dark times. Her favorite things in the world were head scritches, cuddling in the bed, catnip, fuzzy blankets, Trevor Noah for some reason, and turning my computer off when I was playing too much Fallout. I lost her March 24, 2021 after a three year struggle with heart disease.

Tali, thank you for letting me being your cat mom, even if it was only for a little while. I wish we could have done more to save you. Please consider donating to Alley Cat Allies in her name to help other street cats feel the love I felt for her.