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Taz The Red Devil


November 15, 2009
Missed By: Kathy, Sal and Ashle
For my Tazzie Boy

Upon flesh and Fur, I am left to weep.
Pointed Ears and Amber eyes, lost to eternal sleep

I hope the spirit that was my boy
has now moved into a place of joy.
He's walked across the rainbow bridge
and now lies upon a sunny ridge.
With friends both old and new,
he runs through fields of clover, blue.
There's endless bones and toys to chase,
where pain and sickness have no place.

I hope that as the days pass by,
I will no longer yearn to cry.
I'll find memories of smiles and love.
For now...He's stolen my heart and taken it above.

I hope you are running happily with your sister Ashle now.

Author Kat Barrett

We love and miss you Taz.

Basenji Brat

He was often a brat in his younger days. He even opened my printer and tried to take the ink out of it. He was very smart and crafty, often laughing at the jokes that he played on us. He loved his daily walks and kept me going after I had surgery on my knees.

He taught Ashle all of his bad habits, training her from puppyhood.
Taz and Ashle didn't always get along, but I think for the most part they were friends. I know she misses him.

I had hoped he would celebrate his 13th birthday, Dec 4, but he didn't quite make it. It broke my heart to put him to sleep, but I knew it was time. I guess now that he is gone, I am able to see the changes in him over the past year more clearly. He rarely begged anymore, hitting my leg while I was cleaning up after dinner with a hope of one more treat. We believe that he was developing dementia and over the last couple of months, we would often find him staring off into space. It's funny the things we don't see, or more aptly choose to ignore. Things that indicate the end is nearing far faster then we want it too.
His lifespan was so much shorter then ours, but he will live in our hearts forever.