Online Memorials


2006 - 2020

Who knew after 14 years together that Tigger would build up a brain tumor, she was the love of my life and when she passed it ripped my heart and a piece of me went with her. I remember that first dayTigger was Born she was no bigger and fit in the palm of my hand that how small she was. I used to hold her and feed her with a bottle of milk. And watch her grow up as we got older. Tigger became my best friend and best of buddies that this world could ever have. We comforted each other when we both were sad and made each other laugh. She enjoys her birthdays every year, the holidays Thanksgiving that we share with her and Christmas was her special time of year. She loves to lay under the tree and look at the lights. I will put out the Christmas village every year for me but mostly it became more for her. She really likes that. all the time said she sat by the door and waited for me to come home all the times that she came to us when she wanted something she heard he never barks she grumps and demanded that she wanted something every time and that was her way of talking to us. We sure are going to miss her and love her dearly. All the hugs and kisses that she gave me every night before I went to bed. A lot of nights she came in and slept with me and cuddled up against me and made me feel so relaxed knowing that she was there. To us she was not just that a pet she was family.

God I hope that you are taking really good care of my baby.

Tigger I know that it rips my heart out to see you gone, But do you remember how I always say see you later, Well this is not a goodby, This is see you later and I promise you I will.

I love you and miss you.