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December 07, 2013
Missed By: Danielle & Bev

The Name

The naming of cats is a difficult matter. It isn't just one of your holiday games. You may think at first I'm mad as a hatter. When I tell you a cat must have three different names...T.S. Eliot

I love this quote, especially since I and others have given Tiny at least a dozen nicknames over the years. Here are some:

Bobo - I think I've considered this Tiny's middle name for almost as long as I had him. Of course there are also variations of this name I have used including Bobers.

TinkyWinky - Variations of this inclued Tink and Tinkers.

Dumpling - This is one of the nicknames I gave him over the last few years. Of course he's been called all sorts of kinds of dumplings:
Apple Dumpling
Sugar Plum Dumpling
Peking Dumpling and many more.....
(What can I say? I love dumplings and I love Tiny.)

Jabba the Tiny - This nickname was given to him when he was 20 lbs. and would lay down to eat

Antinio - His Grampy gave him this nickname

Mr. Silky - His Grammy gave him this nickname because of his silky, shiney coat. People would often comment on how soft his fur was.

Handsome - I would often greet him by saying 'Hi Handsome' and on his final trip to the vets his doctor greeted him this same way. His doctor didn't know that was something I always said to him.

There are so many more nicknames and many more stories to go with them.

In his final year Tiny became a budding artist and his medium was dry cat food. In the photo section there are a few pictures of his greatest masterpieces. Trust me, these didn't just happen by chance as he was eating his food. He would actually scoop some food out of his dish so he had more design space in his food bowl. He was definitely a character.

I know Tiny is at peace in Heaven now and has been reunited with his first mom Mabel and his Grampy Tom. I would like to think my brother Rich was also there to greet him, though they had never met in this world. I know they would have loved each other as much as I loved them both.

I have great appreciation for everything that Tiny's veterinarian and staff did to extend his life over these last few months. Thanks to them I had 3 extra wonderful months with him before he let me know it was his time to go. I am especially grateful to Dr. M and Alice who helped us throughout the last few months and comforted us at the end. Dr. M knew Tiny was a fighter and helped him through the battle. I consider Alice to be Tiny's last girlfriend. He spent most of one September visit flirting with her. He had excellent taste! I am grateful to Shannon who took the time to give Tiny extra care in September. Without that care we wouldn't have had these last 3 months together. Lauren and Jillian were also wonderful. I'm sure I'm missing some people who helped, but I'm grateful to the entire staff.

I will never forget Tiny and I know some of the people reading this never will either. He was a wonderful, beautiful boy and I was so blessed to be chosen by Jill & Scott, and Mabel to be his second mom. I will never forget the first time I saw his funny little face and I will cherish every memory and every joy I shared with him over the years.

The Lord bless you and keep you