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October 20, 2008
Missed By: butch
My Buddy My Wud

My Buddy My Wud
Everyday that passes without you isn�t the same
I here you walking, breathing knowing you aren't there
I knew the time would come
The time I�d have to let you go
Let go of something so strong
I knew you�d leave me but could never believe you would
You had me from the first time I saw you
You were mine and I would take care of you
Love you
Protect you
Do everything I could to be good for you
And you were the same
You took care of me
You loved me
You protected me
You did everything you could to be good for me
If I ever hurt you I hope you forgive me
If you were ever unhappy I hope I made it good
I see you everywhere and feel so alone
I feel empty
I miss you
I love you
My Wud

Someday I'll pet you again
Someday it it won't hurt so much