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June 26, 2011
Missed By: Shelly

All God's Angels Come to Us Disguised. In the disguise of a bob tailed grumpy diabetic tabby cat my angel named Wednesday arrived. She came to me through an ad on Craig's List when her previous owner (a wonderful young man) could not move her to the new house his family had bought. Though she was middle aged, diabetic and had a toe that needed surgery I saw her photo, and with my expertise in feline diabetes, I knew she was meant to come into my life. We spent the next 26 months together--fighting the good fight. She lost 3 toes on her foot to what turned out to be cancer, lost an ear to a hematoma that wouldn't heal (the diabetes always complicating things) and proved a lot of vets wrong. She was with me always, even traveling back & forth to work with me. Though she fought through all her previous health challenges at the end she had grown tired and it was time to leave that failing shell of a body behind. Though it was the hardest thing I have ever done, I had to love her enough to let her go.

Forever in my took the best part of me with you when you left.