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June 17, 2011
Missed By: Mommy (Beth) & Poppy(Keith)

In Memory of Willie � Our Sweet Boy � Crossed Over June 17, 2011

If you seek me

If you seek me
Look not for a marker of stone
You will not find me beneath a monument of faith
Look to the sky and the beauty of the green earth
There you will find me
Look upon the trees and grasses
Feel the kiss of the gentle rain upon your face
And remember me
Look out upon the fields and meadows
It is here that I frolic
Watching the birds and the butterflies dart about
Go into the forest among the trees
Deep into the wood to the hidden places
This is where I sleep
Seek me in all of nature
There you will find me
You will see me in all things
I am part of you
Now seek me no longer
I am free
I am with you
And will be always

Your Loving and Faithful Companion,