Online Memorials

Willow thomas

2001 - 2017

Coming Home

And Bastet asked Willow's spirit
Are you ready to come home?
I am indeed Goddess, for I am quite tired
And as you've made me, you know I am capable
Of deciding for myself.

Are you coming then? asked Bastet.
Very soon, replied the tired soul
But I must not rush.
For my human mom is very troubled
You see, she needs me and isn't ready yet.

But doesn't she understand? asked Bastet
That you'll never leave her?
That your souls are intertwined, for all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is...forever and ever and ever?

In time she will understand, replied Willow
Once the tears subside and she hears me meow in her heart.
She will know that I am always with her
I just am...forever and ever and ever

Are you ready now precious one? Bastet inquired.
It is time for her to grieve and cherish your memory.
You've taught her well and she will know
That her heart is your new home.

Willow lamented and replied, is time
I simply cannot fight any more and we've said our good-bye's
She has courageously let me go,
Thank you and don't cry mama...I'm coming home.