Online Memorials

Winnifred Coleman

2021 - 2024

Winnifred was a “foster fail” from Helping All Little Pipsqueaks (HALP), a fantastic organization that rescues guinea pigs, arranges foster homes, and rehomes them to safe and loving families… And yet, there was no way her Coleman family humans could part after fostering this wonky-eyed beauty.
The name “Winnifred” is of Welsh or Old English origin meaning “holy, blessed reconciliation, or joy and peace.” Winnifred (also affectionately known as “Winnie”) was a remarkably friendly and adventurous little cavy, unafraid to explore uncharted territory. If there was a loud sound or something unfamiliar, instead of fleeing she would curiously investigate the source. She was bonded with her dear friend, Mimi, acting like the big sister who comforts the little one, but also playfully teased her. She also enjoyed chatting with her brother, Pete, who lived in the cage next door, and prior to Pete her brother, Wilson (2017-2022). Winnie could eat a field of blueberries and still want more. Winnie occasionally appeared on Zoom calls during the COVID-19 pandemic, sniffing the laptop and camera until she needed to pee.
In her final day, she showed signs of a medical emergency (labored breathing) and was rushed to the veterinary hospital. She quickly passed away at the facility. Winnie will be deeply missed. She is survived by her 3 year old sister, Mimi, 2 year old brother, Pete, and her 12 year-old dog-sister, Midge. Her remains will be kept in her home in New Hampshire, to remind her family of her sweet memory and zest for life.