Online Memorials

Woofie Boy

2006 - 2023

PRECOCIOUS, Active, VERBOSE in his own way, LOVING AND ADORABLE SMART AS A WHIP WAS KING OF THE HOOD AND LOVED THOSE FEMALE DOGGIES AND NEIGHBORS THAT WE LIKED (tee hee) DEFINITELY BONDED WITH ALL THE MALE HUMANS AND WAS A MOMMA’s boy when nobody was watching -a joy in my heart and soul now reunited w lucy our lab (his sister (we took them home together since puppyhood) woofie made it known that he was on the scene and participated in the action. he loved playing bally w lucy at the tennis courts, he chased the squirrels and they taunted him bc of that! the birds also had their play on his turf and chased the doves away from the bird feeder. he loved riding in the car and his times on the hudson river along the banks on his surf board. woofie was a kisser as well a terror if he had to be- had to watch him like a hawk and fenced in the entire yard as he was determined to explore and be nosey- had a few close calls after he escaped the yard. he enjoyed going to nyc to attend my artist friends shows and loved everyone. he had a full life although i mourn like a lost soul without him. please include your pets in everything you do if you can to keep them in the loop. they become well rounded the more they see the world around them and will surprise you as how human they are… bless my baby Boy and i look forward to being w you in my dreams… i have recently heard him grunting near my bed after he passed and i thought he was still alive bc i still cannot believe i will never be able to love him up…